What you need to do a good Energy Cleansing

We all face bad energies in our lives. Low energy, problems in our business or work, personal relationships at half mast: sometimes, all of this can be linked.

In fact, it seems that absolutely everything in our world is made of energy. Physics teaches us that matter is a form of energy and that, without it, there can be no life or change.

Yet everything we see around us is in a constant state of transition. Nothing is immutable. Auric energies, karma, personal waves: call them what you want, but the fact is that these energies have a real impact on all of our lives.

Seeking to improve them through a sort of energetic cleansing is therefore not meaningless, far from it…

Contents :

How does energy work work?

The consequences of bad energies in your environment

The main ingredients for successful energy cleansing

A few words about energy release rituals

Four methods of energetic cleansing

What physics and science tell us

Discipline which follows a yoga session in order to undertake energetic cleansing.

How does energy work work?

Like any form of personal and spiritual work, energy work will seek above all to reconnect you (to yourself, to the world, to the divine, etc.) in order to initiate processes of realignment and, ultimately, purification and energy healing.

All this may seem very abstract. Don't worry, together we will see in a few moments how to put this into concrete practice. In short, by reconnecting in this way, successful energy work will help you live better in your environment. Here we can find notions of re-anchoring and “living in the present moment”, to name but a few.

Everything that surrounds us is in fact made up of energies which all have their own vibration. You also have such a personal vibration.

However, if your vibration rate encounters a problem (whatever the source), it may come into dissonance with those around you, leading to a whole host of problems (some of which can be very serious).

As a physical being, and therefore energetic, and therefore magnetic, your personal vibration is further influenced by all those you encounter during your day. A toxic friendship, a traumatic experience, disturbing waves or even exposure to too many pollutants are all things that can profoundly disrupt your vibration rate.

It is precisely with this in mind that we created this collection of meditation and calming tools. So take a look if the field of waves and vibrations interests you. Whatever the case, in this type of case, a good energetic cleansing is clearly necessary!

Several energy medicine stones, a soothing singing bowl and incense conducive to meditation

Calm down, relax

thanks to meditation and its tools


The consequences of bad energies in your environment

Before seeing how your energy cleansing can be implemented, it is good to think about the consequences of unregulated energy.

Here are a few :

  • Worse relationships : In the same way that a toxic person will affect you, your bad energy will taint that of the people around you, who will then seek to run away from you almost instinctively.
  • A feeling of misalignment : You know, those times when you feel like you don't belong, well they can directly stem from your personal energies.
  • Fatigue : A lack of energetic cleansing can cause severe sleep problems (insomnia, anxiety, etc.). If you add a less vigorous physical constitution, fatigue is necessarily not far away.
  • Stress and irritability : It's difficult to know here if this is a consequence of bad energy or rather of all the points that we have just seen, but you will be significantly more stressed.
  • And a whole bunch of others : To list them all would take hours. The important thing here is that you understand the need for regular energetic cleansing.

It is clear: our subtle bodies are very real, and their state impacts every facet of our existence. Having a high level of vital energy brings us the ingredients of happiness and, on the contrary, negative energies place us in deep states of distress.

White plate containing sage and other energy cleansing ingredients.

The main ingredients for successful energy cleansing

Here we are getting into the concrete!

Although it is not obligatory, many of the practitioners we met advise using tools, symbols or ingredients to facilitate energetic cleansing processes.

We can of course think of stones and crystals (which some of the most powerful lucky charms on our site are made of), but here we are going to talk more about “consumables”.

Here again, a list is probably better than grand speeches:

  • Incense : It's no secret that incense is a highly sacred substance. Used for millennia in temples and altars, its smoke knows how to communicate with the divine and all that is superior.
  • Palo santo: Literally meaning “holy wood”, palo santo is actually the bark of a tree from South America and which was used as a purifying element by the Incas since the dawn of time. If you feel interested, here is some palo santo that we offer on our site.
  • Sandalwood : With its very particular smell, sandalwood is appreciated in perfumery, but not only that. Traditional medicines around the world use it for its soothing and stimulating properties. To check them out for yourself, here are some pieces of sandalwood.
  • Essential oils : The power of oils is really very powerful. While some can be used more or less freely, others can only be used under the advice of a qualified aromatherapist.
  • Sage : Used in turn by the Romans, by the Native American tribes of smudges and then by us directly, sage is a unique plant in the world. Its name itself comes from the Latin salvare, which means to save. If you are curious about its benefits, here is some white sage that we found for you.
  • Salt : Few people know it, but coarse salt is one of the main ingredients in energy treatments... but also in witchcraft spells. It is therefore not surprising that it is also the case for many energetic cleansing rituals!

Candles placed in a circle to prepare an energetic ritual.

A few words about energy release rituals

In fact, many of us are already practicing energetic release or cleansing rituals without even realizing it.

Do you stretch in the morning when you wake up?

Do you open the windows of a room when you enter?

Do you light a candle to bring a special atmosphere during romantic dinners?

All these seemingly innocuous gestures can in reality come close to a form of energetic cleansing.

As we say (but also other sites, such as the blogabundance-retrouvee.com ), we practice them out of habit but also by instinct, a bit as if we were a body conscious of its waves and which sought to regulate them of himself.

The only difference with the energy rituals that we will talk about in the next point is whether they are conscious or not.

It’s obvious that putting intention into what you do can only help you do it better. However, this is not why the little daily rituals have no weight, on the contrary!

In short, if you have a weight that you need to get rid of, a place to purify or an energy to improve, read the next paragraph very carefully.

A Zen garden with sand, a reiki pendant and tea ceremony materials

Discover Zen and its virtues

with lucky charms and soothing tools


Four methods of energetic cleansing

We all sometimes feel the need for energetic cleansing. Given the consequences of bad vibes and the ease of implementing this sort of thing, it's absolutely normal.

However, the multitude of tips, techniques and suggestions can easily lose us and, in all this hodgepodge, we remain inactive, as if asleep by the possibilities.

We will therefore limit ourselves here to a few simple and general scenarios, which each of us will be able to apply.


Visualization is arguably one of the most powerful energetic tools our minds possess. Properly put into practice, it will bring us vitality and emotional support. It is no coincidence that many energy blockages can be resolved through visualization.

Without going into technical details, here we will give you a simple exercise.

So visualize a pyramid, then try to see it glow. It should be so bright that it should appear to turn into light. Always keep the pyramid shape in your mind.

When you can no longer hold the image, relax for a few moments. Then look at an object or place to be energetically cleansed and visualize this same pyramid on it, then make it shine in the same way.

You now have a tool that you can use to purify and cleanse whatever you want.


Just about every serious religion or spirituality recognizes the power of meditation. It is not a coincidence. This tool is really very powerful (too powerful if you are not well prepared) and can radically change your life.

When it comes to energetic cleansing, the simplest sessions will often be the best. Harmonizing your emotional state is not an easy thing but, with good spiritual meditation, the task immediately seems insurmountable!

In short, sit comfortably, for example, without being slouched. (Your body must be aligned.) Then try to no longer hold back your thoughts, to let them flow into your mind.

At some point, the flow will stop, and you will be able to “clear your mind.” It will then be time to feel the sensations running through your body. After a few moments, shake yourself lightly out of your physical torpor and wake up.

There you are, you have meditated. Congratulations, some negativity has left you.

Circulate your internal energy

This type of energetic practice is necessarily linked to meditation and visualization.

Here again, many philosophers (especially Asian) explain to us how the conscious circulation of the energies of our body can help us on a daily basis.

Some call them prana, chi, kundalini or even ki. In the end, it doesn't matter, the reality remains the same.

Concretely, it will be a matter of feeling, then visualizing, and finally of making these energies move.

The techniques here are so complex, and misuse can be so disastrous, that introductory learning will almost always be necessary. Trying to open a chakra without good guidance can be dangerous and an attempt to harmonize the mind can sometimes lead to blockages rather than liberations.

If this type of subject interests you, here are a few additional words on tai chi and qi gong, two energy arts based on this famous circulation.

Some Feng Shui tips

It is not so much about rituals or tools as it is about a way of life. We are obviously talking about Feng Shui. (Easy to guess given the title.)

Indeed, we couldn't talk about energetic cleansing without talking about Feng Shui!

This ancestral Chinese art consists of the study of the circulation of energies and their interactions with human beings. Some like to talk about work on electromagnetic frequencies or even an action between energetic bodies.

In any case, among the many areas covered by this philosophy, decoration is undoubtedly the best known. Rather than giving long speeches, here is a list (without explanation) of some tips to apply :

  • Avoid furniture with sharp corners
  • Never place a mirror facing the front door
  • Ventilate your interior as much as possible
  • Plants (and especially green plants) are your friends

Feng Shui teaches us how to create a favorable living space that will chase away all negative energy and sources of unhappiness from your home. If again you want to delve into the subject, here is a file from the psychologies.com site which talks about it.

Chalkboard with a physics equation written on it.

What physics and science tell us

Yes, even the most recent sciences admit that what we have talked about here is not without meaning.

Already, there is psychology and related fields, for which it is obvious that things like meditation or visualization have very tangible effects.

Obviously, medicine (with fields such as neuroscience or the field of hormones) also recognizes their virtues, each more numerous than the other, on our physical body.

The science that will interest us the most here, however, will be quantum physics. This true art describes to us how matter is made of vibrating energy, how each thing is subject to the influence of all the others. It also teaches us how the observer and the environment are absolutely essential criteria for the realization of a process...

If this link between science and spirituality interests you, here is an interesting article which talks about this connection. To harmonize or rebalance the body, focusing on the energetic structure of matter may seem counterintuitive. However, this is an interesting avenue.

In short, quantum physics constitutes a scientific basis (bordering on the philosophical, it is true) which confirms the intuition that millions of wise men may have had throughout history.

Thanks to it, the concept of energy cleaning can now rely on foundations of undeniable solidity.

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