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Signet of the Angry Boar

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This signet ring of the angry boar is destined to sit on the finger of a warrior.

  • The wild boar is the animal the most courageous and tenacious of the forest when in danger
  • Will do anything to protect your land and your family
  • German lucky charm dating from the ancient Germans
  • According to some accounts, feeling this signet ring on your finger instills astonishing strength
  • Finely crafted details of the signet ring
  • Self-adjusting size
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Refund ALWAYS possible (see our returns policy)

What does the boar mean to the Germans?

The wild boar, with its powerful legs and sharp tusks, is a warrior animal known for avoiding the world of men.

It will therefore be quite hard to find in our forests. However, if you come across one, be careful: If cornered, the boar transforms into a formidable beast capable of piercing you with a terrible charge.

It is therefore not surprising that the ancient Germanic peoples devoted such worship to the figure of the wild boar. These warriors of nature were painted on shields and inspired designs decorating banners.

Perhaps one of the most notable elements is the helmet art. Many of them in fact wore boar's tusks to show the position of leader of the person wearing it. Some even went so far as to dress themselves in a dead boar's head to impress the enemy.

Imagine the terror you might feel if, at the dawn of battle, you saw men appear wearing such helmets, making them look like monstrous creatures... It must have had its effect, that's for sure!

When we look at the behavior of these animals, however, we quickly realize that wild boars are actually rather pacifistic. Above all, they will seek to live in peace with their environment.

If, on the other hand, an opponent dares to enter his territory, if he feels his family is in danger or if you have fun stupidly provoking him, he will not hesitate to attack, sometimes even showing unconditional courage.

In this sense, many people choose to wear this type of angry boar signet ring to mark their attachment to the defense of their land, their family and their traditions.

The wild boar, as Germanic warriors knew, was the most dangerous of animals when entrenched in its last position. This animal will never try to escape, but will fight until its last breath, even continuing to charge when its body is impaled on the spears of men.

For this reason, the figure of the wild boar has become a German lucky charm associated with values ​​of courage, strength and self-sacrifice.

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