Lucky Grigri against bad luck (Top #8)

Africa is a continent full of secrets.

There are many traditional religions there. Voodoo is probably the best known, but there are tons of others.

Benin, Togo, Ghana or Nigeria: there are lots of countries where you can find a lucky charm.

Charm sellers abound there but, thanks to us, you will now know 8 really effective charms.

Contents :

Grigri #1: a rabbit’s foot

Grigri #2: a voodoo vèvè

Grigri #3: sage

Grigri #4: sandalwood

Grigri #5: tarot cards

Grigri #6: a sand rose

Grigri #7: a peacock feather

Grigri #8: a voodoo doll

A rabbit before its leg is cut off to serve as a charm.

Grigri #1: a rabbit’s foot

When it comes to superstitions, the rabbit's foot holds a special place.

Alongside the four-leaf clover or the horseshoe, it is one of the best-known lucky charms.

But actually, how many of us know why it is used?

It is in the voodoo tradition that we must look here: for centuries, the rabbit's foot has been known to contain the qualities of the animal.

Sure, but what qualities are we talking about exactly?

Well, in Africa, wise people say that the rabbit is fast, cunning... and that it has extraordinary masculine power.

With this grigri, it will therefore be a question of fertility, intelligence and strength. In short, everything you need to make a complete man.

With this artificial rabbit's foot that we have found for you, you can even benefit from its power without any animal having to suffer.

Voodoo lucky charms.

Discover voodoo magic

thanks to these glyphs and magical objects


Grigri #2: a voodoo vévé

Voodoo, like all animist religions, has many deities.

They are here called loa.

Each loa governs a particular area of ​​human existence, possessing unique magical powers and particular rituals.

In addition to all this, an esoteric symbol is associated with each loa. These particular symbols are called “vévés”.

A bit like wizards' glyphs, vévés are used to practice witchcraft, but not only that: each of them is a very powerful lucky charm.

If your curiosity has been piqued, you can (in particular) discover here amulets, pendants and medallions marked with the vévés of the main voodoo gods.

No doubt: such a piece of jewelry will make you lucky and will repel the evil eye from you and your loved ones.

Zoom in on medicinal sage with dew drops on it.

Grigri #3: sage

Law of rhinestones and glitter of certain false sorcerers, sage is a natural plant used for millennia for its spiritual properties.

The smoke produced by its leaves, once burned, is known to create trance states.

Meditation practitioners have been using it for centuries, but also African priests: carry a little sage with you, and it will become an extremely powerful lucky charm.

Wearing sage (such as this) will ward off evil spirits, demons and spells.

More broadly, custom says that nothing can bring you bad luck as long as a grigri made of sage is by your side.

If someone has cast a black magic incantation against you, sage will protect you.

Has misfortune or bad luck been hitting you for too long?

What if sage was the protective charm you needed?

A pile of sandalwood shavings.

Grigri #4: sandalwood

Some plants are more valuable than others. Sandalwood is a good example.

Known to attract luck, this type of wood produces a soothing and energizing smoke.

If sage will develop your spirituality, sandalwood will anchor you deeply in the present moment.

A good connection to the world being necessary for success and abundance, using sandalwood will attract a whole lot of positive things to you.

Worn around the neck, such a piece of sandalwood will help you discern right from wrong and attract good luck.

Placed in your pocket, it will be a powerful lucky charm capable of making even the most unlucky people smile.

Kept in the house, its effects will depend on the lucky charms that are next to it: a Chinese coin will create wealth, a ladybug will bless you and an elephant will strengthen your wisdom.

Several objects allowing the practice of clairvoyance

Predict, announce, see

with these clairvoyance and divination tools


Grigri #5: tarot cards

Tarot is a divinatory art practiced using a deck of cards.

What does this have to do with my lucky charm? – you tell me.

Well, you should know that each tarot card can become a powerful lucky item… or bad luck.

Indeed, if some cards are positive omens, others carry very dark omens.

Among the cards in this tarot deck, choose carefully the one that will become your grigri.

Here's a bonus tip for you: each card is linked to an astrological sign.

Leo, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius: knowledge of the zodiac could well be the key.

Close-up of a Sahara sand rose.

Grigri #6: a sand rose

For the nomads of the African deserts (especially the Sahara), finding a sand rose was an important sign of luck.

With positive waves, these stones bring vitality, perseverance and longevity.

It's true ! After all, if stones were able to withstand the storms of the desert, no doubt they could help us face the storms of life.

Placed in the house, a sand rose such as this one will be a large lucky charm. This ancient fetish will ward off the evil eye that your adversaries might throw at you.

Held on your person (for example in your backpack), the sand rose will be a symbol of success and will allow you to win new contracts and, who knows, raises.

A special mention should be made here for women: having it in your handbag will give you a good omen in business... as in love.

This is a perfect gift idea for someone to whom you would like to bring good luck.

Several peacock feathers full of color.

Grigri #7: a peacock feather

Pendant, necklace, bracelet?

None of this for you, you are a natural!

In crystal, yellow gold or precious stones?

No, your lucky charm will be made of an even nobler material!

Well, believe us, nothing will bring you luck better than a peacock feather.

A noble and royal animal par excellence, the peacock is recognized for its multicolored beauty and the splendor of its plumage.

Having one of his feathers (which you can get here) with you will help you grant your wishes and see your desires come true.

Voodoo doll in the middle of smoke, with needles stuck in it.

Grigri #8: a voodoo doll

If you have ever visited grigris markets in Africa, you have inevitably come across them.

In the form of key rings or jewelry: voodoo dolls are typical souvenirs from certain African countries.

However, their powers as grigri are very real.

Look at this example of a Haitian doll and tell us what it reminds you of!

In fact, voodoo dolls are so powerful that many other spiritualities recognize their powers.

Wicca or Feng Shui are two good examples of practices where this grigri has found its place.

On the other hand, monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) formally advise against using it.

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